Hanoi Youth

Let us be guided by faith, not by fear



"Niki Lauda" - what name is cooler than that? ♕ ♕ 


New kids on the block. In the art world. 

Matt Jackson. Courtesy of Sean Vegezzi

Gorgeous ♡ ♡ 


13 POUNDS!!! Hmm… I’ll have to give an update on that one



Everybody dies, sooner or later. Don’t worry about your death. Worry about your life.

(Source: thespookymissioner)

Ygritte, stay away. Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You’ll find nothing here but death

10 things about me: I the  white shirt. It is queen 

#things about me ♡:  I enjoy singing.

Listen to my covers on SOUNDCLOUND:  https://soundcloud.com/tam-do-2

Blake Ritson is perfectissimo

I like to use Tumblr as Instagram. 

I have received overwhelming comments that I look like my mom.

✂ end of story 

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